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Garmin 62S-Invalid JNX File

Started by byrond, January 05, 2012, 01:01:11 PM

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I am really excited about my new Garmin 62s.  I have used a 60CSX for a long time and am very pleased with it too.    But I have a small problem with the 62s that I cannot fix and need some help.  Each time I turn on my new 62s, I get the following message, "Invalid JNX file."  I press OK and move on.  But I would like to fix whatever is wrong and not get this annoying message anymore.  Does anyone have a solution for this issue?  Thanks in Advance
Byron Robertson


Have you subscribed to Birdseye? I have seen this message when I downloaded a sample Birdseye file before I had a subscription. If you have not subscribed and don't remember intentionally sending any Birdseye imagery to your 62s, then do this.

With the unit connected to your computer, look inside the \Garmin\BirdsEye folder. Delete any files inside there. They will have a .jnx extension.

But before you even THINK about deleting anything from your unit, have you made a full backup?  :)


   Thanks for your rely.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I did try a sample Birdseye file but I have not subscribed to it yet.  Since I plan on subscribing, should I just leave the error message alone and see if it goes away with a subscription to Birdseye?


I'm not sure if it will go away. The unlock code may need to be embedded in the file before sending to the GPS. But as long as the birdseye file is on your computer in basecamp, you can delete it from the GPS and send it again after subscribing.

In my experience, when you send a file without a subscription, you will get that message, but you can still view a small part of the file as a sample. IIRC, an area of about 1 mile x 1 mile at the center of the image will be viewable on the GPS.