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Help with Topo map.

Started by xcspxlt, January 02, 2012, 10:48:22 AM

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I feel stupid now.
I have a NUVI 205 and another hand held. A while back I loaded the Minn topo map and then combined it with the snowmobile trails map.
Fo the life of me I cant figure out how to do this with the new files I have downloaded. I have two options for the trails. One is shp files and the other is a img.


.shp files are used for GIS systems and you would need some knowledge of mapmaking to put these in a format for a Garmin GPS. Unfortunately, the .img file extension is ambiguous. It can represent a disk image, DEM data or it can be a Garmin map file.

If the files are in fact Garmin .img files and no installer is provided, that gets somewhat involved. Did the original map come from this site, or somewhere else?


the IMG file is a Garmin img file from the MINN DNR site. Says it works on Garmin. Last night I tried renaming it and putting it on the micro SD card of my Astro, but the trails do not show up. Will work on this later.
What I did last year was combine the MN topo from this web site. and the trails from another site that both had installers. I just cant remeber the procees for putting th etwo together and getting either on the unit or into the file on the SD card. I thought I used either base camp or mapsource. I have both. Guess i need to do this more often than once a year.


The easiest way would be to get them all into mapsource, select the portions you want from each map, then send to the GPS as a single gmapsupp.img file. Your Nuvi 205 can recognize one file named gmapsupp.img in internal memory, and another with the same name in the Garmin folder on a card. SO you could put one map in each place and accomplish what you want  that way too.

On the Astro, it depends on the model. Old units only recognize a single file on a memory card, so you would have to send both together. This will be a problem since your DNR file isn't installed in Mapsource. This tutorial shows you how to do that:

Newer models recognize multiple .img files, so you could just give the DNR file a descriptive name like MNdnr.img and not need to install it in mapsource.


Thanks for the help. It was just enough to help me figure it out again.

Ill have to try the tool kit with the new DNR img file.




Were you able to make this work?  I got the same file from the MN DNR website and I can load it in BaseCamp, but it won't transfer to my Garmin VistaC GPS.  It says the mapsize is a certain size, and the desitation location is 24 Mb, even though the mapset is smaller than what's available it won't transfer.  Any ideas?


No, I never got back to playing with the DNR img file.

I was able to get the new Topo and the 2009 free trails from pinetreemapping combined and sent to both my 205 nuvii and my Astro. Thats all I neede for the ONE snowmobile trip I took.

Will maybe have time later to play with the tools to use the dnr img file.