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topo maps for nuvi 3490lmt

Started by nhclimber, January 01, 2012, 04:36:20 PM

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Hi, new to the forum. I just received a nuvi 3490lmt and I am not able to find any topo maps for this unit. I am a rock and ice climber and I am wondering if any exist?

Any help  or advice is greatly appreciated. :-)


Just about any of the maps available on this site will work on your Nuvi. They may not look quite the way they should however. I have a Nuvi 3790 which is the previous generation of the same device. There are some unusual things - good and bad - about these units that cause them to display maps differently. One of the main issues is that the screen is much higher resolution than other Garmin devices - 800x480 pixels. That can result in some display oddities.

See if you can find a map that covers the area you want. Download and install it on your nuvi. Then you can decide if you find it useful. Since the maps here are free, you don't stand much to lose.  :)


Thank you Boyd I will try this have a great day. :-)