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Road Colours

Started by Freddo, March 29, 2009, 06:00:26 AM

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I have just fairly successfully created my first map in GPSMapEdit, loaded it to a GPS and it all seems to work.

But I would have liked to change the colour of the roads - is this possible? I could not see how to do it, so minor roads are black, the default colour.

Thanks for any help, Freddo


See the section in this tutorial starting on page 33 for an explanation of custom types:

If you get really involved with custom types (especially polygons), you may find that Mapwel offers a better workflow than GPSMapEdit/Cgpsmapper. It has a very nice editor for custom types built-in (they call them "user defined styles") and it can compile the map and upload it to your gps without leaving the program. See: