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Author Topic: Which GPS to Buy  (Read 6430 times)


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Re: Which GPS to Buy
« Reply #15 on: December 30, 2011, 09:30:44 PM »
If your raster image is nothing but treetops, they'd have to be pretty distinctive treetops for an aerial view to be useful.

Really depends on the imagery. If you look at my own house on Google maps, it's useless. I live out in the woods and it's just a sea of green treetops. However, look at the excellent NJ 2007 orthoimagery and it's completely different. These were taken from airplanes, not satellites at 1 foot per pixel in the winter and you can see pretty much everything.

This is the same imagery that Garmin is using in my state. Bing maps has their own imagery, and it was also taken in the winter. Google's is terrible, it also has a huge area that is way underexposed. IIRC, they attribute this lousy stuff to the USDA. Your mileage may vary.  :)

Point taken about winter.  Bing imagery in my neighborhood is way better than Google Earth.  You can see the grass growing between the tire tracks on single lane dirt roads with Bing.  With Google you can barely see that the road is there.


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Re: Which GPS to Buy
« Reply #16 on: December 31, 2011, 03:20:58 AM »
Man I really like this site.I haven't even cosidered or knew about the oregon 450 until it was brought up by the people on this forum.From all the support on the oregon I went to you tube and checked some videos on it. It seems very advanced and should last a while as far as technology  goes. the etrex-30 and the oregon 450 are about the same price and both seem like good units. Thanks to the members on this forum I now have narrowed it down to two choices the etrex-30 and the oregon 450. Looks like I can't go wrong with either unit now its about what I would like best. Thank you all for the great information.