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loading etrex 20 maps

Started by capnbarry, December 27, 2011, 07:25:56 PM

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Using basecamp, I loaded a De Topo map & My trails Poi map that I downloaded from gps file depot to my etrex 20. When I loaded the 2nd map the 1st disappeared. there is a note on the tutorial. Note: Each time you load maps to the GPS it will erase all maps on the GPS except for the basemap. Is there a way to put more than 1 map on the gps at a time? Do I need to put some on an SD card? I want to enable both at the same time. The My trails map is a transparent overlay that is supposed to be used with other maps.  Thanks


You need to rename the first gmapsupp.img to something else before you add the second gmapsupp.img.  Otherwise you overwrite it.  BaseCamp names every mapset it sends to your GPSr gmapsupp.img.  The alternative is to read the tutorial and see how to combine to map products into a single gmapsupp.img.


Thanks! I loaded both maps at the same time and it worked fine. When you talked about renaming the 1st image, are you talking about renaming it on the gps itself? I couldn't find a way to do it in the map options on the etrex 20.  In the future I want to add some maps of parks from pdf docs, but I don't want to have to combine every single map each time I want to add one more park or something.  I could not find anywhere in basecamp or my garmin file on the hard drive where I could rename them.  Since basecamp renames everything gmapsupp.img when it sends it to the gps, will i just have to load all mapsets everytime I add a new park or is there an easier way to do it? Thanks again for your help, I was going nuts trying to figure it out.



To rename a map, find the file named gmapsupp.img inside the Garmin folder on your GPS while it's connected to your computer. Change the name to something else, like delaware.img. Now send the next map and repeat as needed.

The maps you make yourself from PDF's are known as "raster imagery" and garmin calls these "custom maps". These will be .kmz files and you can only one on your GPS at a time, regardless of what you name it. It's a limitation of the format as Garmin has implemented it.