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60csx help

Started by grove1, December 27, 2011, 08:03:05 PM

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Hello. Just got a 60csx. Downloaded MapSource using the CD ROM that came with the device. I came to this website and tried to download the Florida Topo map. I have read the tutorial from this website (How To Download Maps on My Garmin GPS Unit). After the Flordia Topo download completed I went to my MapSource on my desktop and the drop down box (step 2 of the tutorial) is not there at all.... What am I missing? The map appeard to download completely. Thanks....


Also, when I go to Add/Remove Programs on my computer, I see the Florida Topo Map on there, so I know it downloaded... Why can't I see it on MapSource?????

Indrid Cold

What version of MapSource do you have installed? If you installed if from the included CD, you are going to want to update it first.


I'd also encourage you to download Garmin BaseCamp.  It is more frequently updated.

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Ok... At this point, I have downloaded MapSource (I ran the web updater and it did have the latest software) and I downloaded the Florida Topo map that didn't show up... You suggest that I download Basecamp.

So at this point should I uninstall MapSource? Uninstall the Florida Topo and try downloading again? Thanks... for your help


It won't do any harm to leave Mapsource installed. Just to be clear, webupdater is for updating the software on your GPS itself, not for programs installed on your computer (this is webupdater, just so we get our terminology right :)

Are you running the 64 bit version of Windows 7? If so, it has some registry issues that could cause the kind of problem you describe. On thing that has worked for some people is to install a map that works properly first. After doing this, it seems to fix the problem maps.

If you do have Win 7/64, I would uninstall the Florida Topo first, then install this map and re-install the Florida topo:

Let us know if this works for you.


Ok... I really appreciate all the help... I think I just figured it out (with you all's help of course). I downloaded Basecamp and when I opened it up, the Florida Topo was in there! Using the tutorial, I appear to have downloaded the Florida Topo to my 60csx!!!!! I'm in my office right now so I can't get satellite reception, but when I go to the map page on my device, it appears to have detailed info.... Now here is my next question, if I want to to download some more maps, do I just use the Tutorial again? Isn't there something, like you have to use all the maps at the same time (for example, if I try to download just one more map, won't it just overwrite the Florida TOpo? Don't I have to download the new map and the Florida Topo all over again? and when I say download, I mean transfer from Basecamp to my 60csx...

Also, Boyd, since I appear to have everything working, I will probably just leave the MapSource alone as per your suggestion. Thanks for the update info... I was doing that wrong. Does Basecamp update automatically or do I have to manually update on occasion? Thanks again to everyone for your quick responses and help!!!!!


Great, sounds like you've got it working.

Basecamp will let you know if there's an update when one becomes available, and you can choose to download it right inside the program. For some reason, this doesn't always work correctly for me however. There is a major new beta release of Basecamp that you might look at - tons of new features. There are also new bugs of course :) - see . You would have to load and install this separately, the program won't notify you of beta releases.

Newer Garmin devices can use multiple map files but the 60csx can't, it will only recognize one file named gmapsupp.img. As you have surmised, each time you send a map it erases the old gmapsupp.img file and replaces it.

The trick is to use the dropdown menu in Mapsource to select each map you want, then use the Map tool to select the portion of each map you want to send to your 60csx. Then you can send all of them in one package such that they're all included in the same gmapsupp.img file.

I think you can do something similar with Mapinstall in Basecamp, but I've never tried that myself so I'm not exactly sure what the sequence of steps would be, sorry.



I'm confused....
You said:
"The trick is to use the dropdown menu in Mapsource to select each map you want, then use the Map tool to select the portion of each map you want to send to your 60csx. Then you can send all of them in one package such that they're all included in the same gmapsupp.img file."

I'm using BaseCamp to transfer into my 60csx... How do I transfer multiple maps at once to my device?


As I said above, you use Mapinstall to send maps from Basecamp. I have never tried sending multiple maps that way since I no longer use my 60csx regularly (my newer models support multiple files).

If you use Mapsource, you can use the technique I described. Otherwise, somebody else can probably tell you how to do this with Mapinstall. The trick is to gather all the pieces of the different maps you want before sending anything to your GPS. I just don't know how to do that in Mapinstall, sorry.


The tutorial for both MapSource and BaseCamp is here:

If you plug your 60CSX into your computer and turn it on, Mapinstall starts automatically (at least for me with the new Beta).  If it doesn't connect your 60CSX and start BaseCamp and Mapinstall.

At the bottom left of Mapinstall is a dropdown listing map products.  Select a map you want to see on your 60CSX and highlight the tiles.  They will turn pink.  Then select another map from the dropdown and select the tiles you want from that one.  A histogram on the right will show how much of your available memory you've used.  When your done selecting click on the "Next" button.


I think I figured it all out... Multiple maps appear to be in there now. Thanks for all the help!