will any car gps unit accept topo maps & be used for general trail type ridding

Started by jlbnaz, March 21, 2009, 10:32:35 AM

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was just wondering about this,i just bought the navigon 7100 to replace my tomtom 3rd gen,it would be nice to have topo on my car gps,so i can carry it with me when jeep type trail riding,or hiking,havent been able to find any thing on the net,i do see that some outdoor types will double as a street gps unit,just seeing if i can reverse that. ???
jeff n arizona


The maps on this website are specific to Garmin. I am not sure you will be able to use them on your navigon as most likely it uses a different map format than garmin. The maps here will however work on most garmin units.


The maps on this site definitely won't work on Navigon. AFAIK, there are no topo maps available on Navigon at all. However, I believe Navigon is based on Windows CE. You should be able to find instructions on "unlocking" it, which would give you access to the underlying Windows operating system. Once you have done this, you might consider installing OziExplorer CE. It's a cool little program that lets you make your own maps from satellite photos, USGS topos, or anything you like.

The downside is that this gets pretty technical and involved. If interested, see GPSPassion's AIO forum for unlocking info here:

Then you can visit their off-road forum here for info on OziExplorer:

Aside from this, there really isn't going to be any simple way to get topo maps on your unit. If you really need them, take a look at some of the less expensive garmin units, which will be compatible with all the maps here. The Nuvi 205 is pretty cheap and can work both in the car and on a hike.



sorry... i meant Garmin Nuvi 500/550

works like other nuvis, but has a really long lasting battery, and is waterproof...
I have found it great for the maps on this site, and for caching, but is also a great car nav.

it does, however, lack a few features common on trail oriented units, like magnetic compass, and ability to shut off the touch screen... still im happy with it (i have the 550)