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GPS newbie needs help

Started by Appaloosa, November 17, 2011, 08:03:55 PM

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I recently purchased a Garmin GPS Map 62s.  I have saved waypoints on my handheld unit but I have trouble up-loading them to Google earth or map source.  When I go to tools in Google earth and import data from my device it only imports my tracks.  what I'm I missing? thanks for the help!


Unfortunately Mapsource is not fully compatible with your 62s. Garmin has discontinued Mapsource development. It doesn't understand how to receive waypoints from the new models such as yours. The solution is to use Basecamp, which is Garmin's replacement for Mapsource:

See my post in this thread for a more detailed explanation of why Mapsource won't do what you want:,2494.0.html

Quote from: Boyd on November 18, 2011, 03:26:28 AM
With the new models, on any day that you save a waypoint a new file is created in the GPX folder. So if you save a couple waypoints today, they would be found in a file named Waypoints_18-NOV-11.gpx. If you save a route it will be in Route_18-NOV-11 and so forth. This is a departure from the previous new generation (like the Oregon 300) where all of this data would have been in one file named Current.gpx.

I don't use Google Earth, but I suspect you're seeing another facet of the same problem there. Tracks are stored in the old format on the 62s until you give them a name, and I think that's why Google Earth can still find them.


thanks for the adivce.  I seem to be able to get my way points up now on google earth, by manually selecting the GPX file.  I still have trouble "seeing" them all at one time on earth, due to what i think is some time-line like feature where it displays my waypoints acording to date saved. i need to find out how to disable this...i think it would be easy....? thanks again