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KML map installed on Oregon 450t?

Started by mattn03, November 12, 2011, 05:24:26 PM

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Quote from: mattn03 on November 13, 2011, 06:14:28 PM
Quote from: eaparks on November 13, 2011, 03:45:01 PM

edit:  There is another opiton for you to get the trails into a usable .kmz file.  That is fairly easy.  Open the original .kml file in GE and take a screen shot of the entire trail system and save it as a .jpg file.  Use what ever program you want to to crop the .jpg file as needed to have just the trails (you can do this with something as simple as MS Paint).  Reopen GE and ADD - Image Overaly (your newly saved .jpg file) and geo-reference it in GE; (Putting the .jpg trails on top of the .kml trails).  Save the geo-referenced file as a .kmz file.  Now this file can be copied and pasted to your GPS and it will give you map of all the trails including the satellite imagery for that area.  I checked the pixel size and file size using just a single .jpg and both will be ok.

Note:  I just did this in about 15 minutes and tested it on my Oregon 450, since the area in question is only about a 2-3 sq. mile area you are able to use just a single .jpg for all of the trails and the map will 1st appear on your GPS at zoom level 1.2 mi. and still have decent resolution down to zoom level of 500 ft., below that the resolution is poor. 

I did this just playing around not trying to Hi-Jack a map you might like to put on GPSFileDepot.  I'll be glad to send you the useable .kmz file, or upload it on here if you don't want to, or walk you through the process so you can upload it here; whatever you prefer.  Also note from what I was seeing their trails look to have a pretty high level of accuracy, this .kmz map I did was just quick and dirty so not as accurate but still accurate enough for ATV use.

Thanks!  I was able to get it uploaded to my 450 using this method.  Resolution below 500 FT is pretty poor like you said.  Is there anything I can do to improve that?

Instead of taking a screen shot of all the trails in a single .jpg file.  Enlarge your screenshots making 4 seperate screenshots (the 4 corners).  Now repeate the process of geo-referencing them all onto the single .kml file, yes you will need to overlap them slightly.  I'd suggest giving the adjacent files that overlap a different "draw order" such as 1 might be 0 and the overlapping file might be 1 and the one that overlaps both might be 2.  I have had the map not open when overlapping files have the same draw order.  It has just happened randomly and is not repeatable, but you won't see any difference in the map on your gps making the draw orders as I mentioned.

There is other software that will do the sitching for you.


Quote from: eaparks on November 13, 2011, 06:15:59 PM
From looking at you error page.  You have the input as a .kml file but are trying to convert a .kmz file.

Should .kmz be listed on the list?  I didn't see it.


I don't think .kmz is listed in the list.   Use the original saved .kml file to convert.  It shouldn't make any difference but since no waypoints or routes are involved uncheck them in GPSBabel.  Your only working with tracks.