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Author Topic: Coyotee Buttes Raster Maps  (Read 3050 times)


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Coyotee Buttes Raster Maps
« on: March 20, 2009, 04:54:14 AM »
I am new (like many).  I am traveling to Zion National Park, The Wave, South Coyotee Buttes, Antelope Canyon, Waterholes Canyon.  So I have loaded AZ and UT on my Garmin 60CsX.  Should I load the Coyotee Buttes Maps; they are so slow on the computer that I am worried about the Garmin.  Will they replace the areas already loaded or can I hide them under Setup/Maps if they are two cumbersome for the Garmin ?
Thanks for all the hard work everyone.  I wish I were smart/experienced enough to help