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How to use multiple maps on Garmin 500

Started by drewh111, October 25, 2011, 05:17:15 PM

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I am a new user. I have the City Navigator map and the Garmin 100k topo maps. I have downloaded the California Topo maps.

I am curious if users are running multiple map layers. I switch from car to hiking on a trip and run all the maps at once. However, it does seem to make the screen a bit complicated. I also noticed that there are two topo maps apparently, one with elevations and one with trails and roads.

What do you experienced users recommend in terms of selecting and running multiple maps? Are there other problems besides a jumbled screen?  If I run multiple maps and turn down the map detail, will that effect the topo map?

Thanks for this site and this forum - it has been a big help.


I also have the Garmin 500, and run multiple maps on it. For the sake of clarity, when I change from road use to off road use, I just disable the map I do not need, and enable the one I want.
So for riding on the Danskin trail system, I use Northwest Trails (the trail numbers are all correct). When riding in an area where there is private land I use the transparent ownership map and the Northwest topo.

Works for me!


I have multiple maps loaded as well but the add ons are not transparent so I can only see the one that I select. I think the SE  USA topo map  I downloaded here is far better than the topo map shipped with the 500.  One thing I find very lacking in City Navigator is hydrography so often I will make a route with CN but set SE USA or one of the others for display.