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KMZ files for Etrex with Custom mapping

Started by Tim60169, November 01, 2011, 10:06:00 PM

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I have the new Etrex 20 and have been doing some KMZ files for hiking trails. Mostly in IL. Is there an interest for me to post these files?



I'd say to go ahead and post them, because that's really the only way to know if somebody else is interested. People come to this site from all over the place to look for maps, but the forums are only read by a relatively small number of people.


I am lost on what info to put in for "Map Bounds: (DDD.DDDDD format) [Convert coordinates with GPSSway]"


Draw a rectangle around your map and note the coordinates of each corner. I use Globalmapper myself, but I think you could open your map in Google Earth and see coordinates for each of the corners. I think you could also do this with Basecamp.