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Need help with opening maps in basecamp

Started by gbrk01, October 13, 2011, 11:19:07 PM

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I just downloaded the south east u s map. I have the updated base camp installed and followed the tutorial but could not get any of the three options to work. I'm using a new macbook pro so I downloaded the mac version. What am I doing wrong and can you help.


Assuming that the name of your user account on the Macbook is "You", look in the following folder:

/Users/You/Library/"Application Support"/Garmin/Maps

You should see a file there named XXX.gmap, where "XXX" is the name of the map that you downloaded. If you don't see such a file, then the map was not correctly installed for some reason.


Thanks for reply. I looked and there was no maps folder in garmin, just basecamp. Can I just create a maps folder along with the basecamp folder and drag and drop the SEUSA.gmapi folder in?


That SE US map is provided as a .tgz file - a compressed archive. Double-clicking the file should start the Archive Utility and extract a .gmapi file. You should not move that file anywhere. If you have correctly installed the Basecamp package, double-clicking the .gmapi file should start the MapManager program and put up a dialog box that says "Install these maps?" and lists the map you just downloaded. If this doesn't happen then you may need to reinstall Basecamp. There might be a separate download for MapManager, but IIRC it is included when you install Basecamp.

I would expect this process to create the needed Map folder. But even if you create it yourself, it won't work to put the .gmapi file into it. The MapManager program extracts a .gmap file (without the "i") which is a package containing all the files associated with your map.


Reloaded basecamp, works great now.
Thanks a bunch