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Oregon Topo issue

Started by marsingbob, October 29, 2011, 07:50:47 AM

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« on: Today at 06:45:45 AM »QuoteModifyRemoveThanks to the person(s) who put together the Idaho and Oregon topo maps recommended by this site.  They are great!!  I am using Basecamp and they loaded with no problems.

One issue with the Oregon topo.  The countour lines are not readable on my desktop.  This is sort of an issue with the Idaho topo, but on the Idaho topo the countour lines  are weak but readable.  One the Oregon map I can see that the countour lines are there, but they are not usable.  However when I load the Oregon topo to my Garmin Astro 320, they are readily visible.  Anything I can do?


What do you mean by 'not readable'?
The numeric values are not 'readable/there', or the lines are not visable, or ???
They use the Garmin 'default' for minor contours.
At what zoom-display level are they 'not readable'?
Perhaps your desktop or monitor are not displaying the colors 'normally'.


Can you see the contours on your GPSr?

If you don't have the detail set on Highest, try moving it up.  View|Toolbars|Detail Level.
Also, are you talking about major contours, intermediate contours, or minor contours?


Thank you for the help.  Here are my answers. 

First, the countour lines are not visible.  The major countour lines are faintly appearing when the zoom is at about 500 feet.  They disappear when closer, and become weaker at less magnification or zoom.  The background color is primarily light green, the countour lines are light orange or yellow.  They are most visible against the green background, and almost completely disappear against the white (private) background.

I tried to adjust the detail level in Basecamp at toolbars-detail level.  I get a checked box, but have not found anything to adjust yet.  I am still looking.

I had tried contrast and brightness on the monitor early with no effect.  I do not see anything on color that strikes me as adjustable.  Color is currently set at 6500k (whatever that means), and there is a "custom" setting which I have not tried.

As you certainly can tell, I am not very computer literate.


Found the detail level adjustment and moved it to "highest".  This did not help.


One other point.  This is not a problem on the Idaho topo map, and the Idaho Land Ownership map.  While the countours are a little light and some zoom levels, they are certainly visible and usable.


Got it!! A combination of monitor contrast and detail level adjustment.    Sorry to clutter up the formum.  Thanks again for the help.


Sounds like maps4gps had the right idea.