Moving (gmapsupp.gma/img&uni) from SD Card to Internal memory of Nuvi

Started by MAMOUTHEN, October 09, 2011, 08:29:07 AM

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Today I have received nuvi 765W from one friend to add POI.
The nuvi has preload map of CN Europe in the internal memory H:\Garmin including :
(remaining space on the internal memory is 5.9 MB only).

And additional map of CN Middle East on SD card I:\Garmin including:

I want to switch maps between the internal memory and SD card; means I want to move the CN Europe from internal memory (in H:\Garmin) to SD card (in I:\Garmin), and CN Middle east From SD card to internal memory.

Please advice the right way of doing it? While moving the gmapsupp.img of CN Middle east from SD card to internal memory do I need to move gmapsupp.gma&uni too?

Your advice and help is higly appricated.   :)


If you have access to both maps, why would you want to switch them?

If your I drive map is less than three years old, it is an NT format map, and not generally within the expertise of this group.  If your I drive is a proprietary product, from Garmin or one of its licencees, I strongly recommend you don't mess with it.  You would be in violation of the card's copyright and I understand that proprietary cards are seriously copy protected.

Indrid Cold

The files on the pre programmed datacard will only work on that card. They will not work if you move them to the internal memory or another card.