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Installer script... again

Started by Boyd, October 06, 2011, 02:08:36 PM

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Boyd - thanks for the notes and script.

The INNO script is so much shorter than NSIS, I had been thinking there must be more to it.
For starters I only need the license and perhaps a readme file.
Now to get some time to begin the learing curve.

Do you know what happens if a gmap type mapset is installed with INNO while the same(or older version) of the mapset is still installed in the registry? 
Does MapSource/BaseCamp recognize them both, only one, none, freeze the computer, or worse?


Just did a couple quick tests. I converted a map I'm working on to .gmap, then placed it in the C:\ProgramData\GARMIN\Maps folder. A registry based version of the same map was already installed. When I started Mapsource, only one version of the map was shown in the dropdown menu.

When I went to Utilities > Manage Maps it only listed the .gmap version - you can tell because the install location is listed. I also used the map tool to select the entire map, and there was only one copy of each tile listed on the map tab.

So I *think* Mapsource is ignoring the old registry based version after the .gmap version was installed. You can try for yourself and see what happens.

If this is true, then it actually addresses the issue of removing old maps... you could just leave the registry based map there and it would no longer be used. Then, if you wanted to do an update of the new .gmap, just be sure to name it the same. The new .gmap would simply overwrite the old one since it would be installed in the same place.

[edited to add]
I also just tried this on the Mac. Installing a new version of the .gmapi file replaces the old version. This might be either good or bad depending on what you want. Double-clicking the .gmapi starts MapManager as usual and asks if you want to install. It does not warn you or ask if you want to replace the old map, it just over writes it.


I'm new to this process.  I've recently created my first map and sent it to my father using the INNO setup script that Boyd provided in this thread.  It left me with a question that I'm having trouble figuring out on my own.  Is there any way with INNO script to make it so that the gmap folder is bundled in the windows exe file so that I could simply put the single file on my ftp site for my father to download?  I only need the windows version but I chose to use INNO setup because I already had the software and couldn't find the NSIS compiler to download, plus, I saw that there is some concern that Garmin might go farther in the direction of the gmap installation system so I didn't want to have to change later.

The project is to make routable snowmobile trail maps for the Lake Louise Snowmachine Club in Alaska.  I'm fine making the maps, I've got routing working and everything but now we need to be able to allow club members to download the maps and install them in Mapsource and most of them are barely computer literate so I need to make it as simple as possible for the end user.

My ultimate goal is to have one file that the end user downloads giving them an EXE file to double click and that would do it all.  No WIN-rar or WIN-zip or anything else as they may not have the software or know how to use it properly.  Also, the map is very small (only about 5MB) so it doesn't need to be compressed anyway.  Does anybody know how I can get INNO to hold all the source files that it needs so that the end user only has one button to double click and it would install just like most other software that can be purchased?



Thumper, you may want to check this out.  It has a link to the NSIS installer at the top and a sample setup template file about half way down the page.


You really might want to use the script as-is, because it would allow any members of your group to install the maps on a Macintosh. No special software (such as WinRAR or WinZip) is needed to use this script. Every Windows machine has the ability to open .zip files right out of the box, simply right-click them and choose "extract all".

But if you really want a windows-only, simple inno version, see the one that rws has attached to his post here:,2383.msg14536.html#msg14536


Thanks for your help on this.  With a bit more trial and error (actually quite a bit) I was able to figure out how to do what I needed.  I'm fine with having two seperate files served on the snowmobile club's website (they're small files anyway) for the MAC and Windows versions.  I need to be able to upload a single file for each of them and I'm not sure how to make that happen for the MAC version.  I don't have a MAC but I have a friend who has one and is familiar with building web-sites so I'll check with him first.

Also, one of the reasons I chose to use INNOSetup and the gmapi version of the installer is that earlier in the post there was some concern that the registry installation system might get phased out by GARMIN.  If that happens, will there be a new version of the cGPSmapper software?  I might be wrong but if GARMIN makes it so the registry installed maps don't work then cGPSmapper would stop working and the current process of using cGPSmapper followed by MapConverter to get the files and folder structure needed for the gmapi installation wouldn't work either.  Is there an update to cGPSmapper in the works to possibly compile the maps directly into a gmapi structure?


Unless Stan changed his mind; he ended serious development of cgpsmapper about two years ago. 

If Garmin ended support for registry mapsets, one could still use cgpsmapper to make the .img files, then mapsettoolkit for a registry install, then mapconverter to make the  gmapi format files.  I would expect Garmin's mapsets may be distributed in the gmapi format, but a lot of their purchasers would be very upset if their registry mapsets became unusable.


And I suspect they get as a decent chunk of revenue from GPS hobbyists who buy handhelds but  who use free maps.  Also, at least for now, all the exports from BaseCamp are called gmapsupp.IMG.


I really don't think the old registry-based maps are going to disappear anytime soon. I think the main attraction of the gmap format is that it's multi-platform.

If you want to make a Mac version of any map installed on a Windows system, just run Garmin Mapconverter. This produces a file that can be installed on a Mac:


If I may ask a question concerning Inno...

All of the scripts posted here have helped me tweak my own setup immensely; I can't thank you guys enough.

But none of the scripts involve registry entries, which I utilize.

I guess I use registry entries because my file locations are not defaulted to a Garmin directory, but my own 'family' of maps.

My question is, how does MapSource know the map is there if the registry isn't altered? Does the physical file location matter?

Sorry to keep this topic dragging on...  ;)
In a nutshell, I get claustrophobic.


The gmap format doesn't use the registry. Basecamp and Mapsource will read any maps it finds from the standard location. If you want to install one of these maps in a non-standard location, have a look at JaVaWa GMTK which is a utility program that will allow you to move maps anywhere that you want.


I'll give it a shot. Boyd (and everyone), thanks.

And Boyd, your maps are the BOMB. A little off topic, but are your methods explained in this (,2579.0.html) post?
In a nutshell, I get claustrophobic.


Thanks. Yes, that thread is sort of a "blog", written as I developed my technique for creating shaded terrain. I have another map using those techniques that has been essentially finished for quite awhile now, but I just need to proof it and fix a few glitches. Can't seem to get my brain back into that mode recently though... my background is that of an artist, and we need to be "inspired" to get things accomplished.  ::)