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GNIS as waypoints?

Started by gdurkee, October 04, 2011, 07:50:09 PM

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I only just discovered this site and am right now installing the California Topo set on my Garmin 60CSx. The detail on the topos looks good, but I'm not seeing place names. Should I download, edit and then upload as waypoints a select set of GNIS place names? (I use ArcGIS 10). Or am I just missing something in the California Topo data set?

Many thanks for any help or suggestions.


Indrid Cold

The California Topo 2011 has the GNIS built in, use that one and you will be good to go.


Great. Will zap the current one then install v. 2011.




OK. That worked much better. Thanks again. Next question: loading the entire California 2011 set overwrote my existing map file (Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP & Yosemite). I don't have the installation CD for those files but did back up the img file to my hard drive. How do I (or can I):

1) get the Yosemite & Seq Kings map files (closer to USGS quads) onto BaseCamp
2) Have both sets of maps (park quads & California 2011) onto my Garmin SD card.

I saw the instructions on loading img files into BaseCamp with MapSetToolKit. Is that the best method? These are Garmin map files so is there an easier way?

Thanks again,