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Good manners

Started by Domarb, August 10, 2011, 10:37:24 AM

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I wanted to commend those forum members whose posts I've read - some in response to questions I've asked and others as well.  Responses have been respectful and helpful, sometimes entertaining.  I appreciate the civility and helpful attitude.  I was a member of another GPS-related listserv for a short-time.  I asked one question as was greeted by condescending and downright insulting replies: True enough, I'm new to some of this stuff and my questions may seem elementary, but that's hardly a reason to call me "stupid." --- no longer a member of that group.

Thanks for providing a welcoming atmosphere.........


welcome to GPSFileDepot.  I am glad everyone is hospitable especially Boyd and Indrid Cold.
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Love the humor here.  Oh, and the maps are pretty good as well.  The map makers work diligently to give us the best.  Thanks as well.
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