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Huge thanks

Started by troyml, March 17, 2009, 10:21:30 AM

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Just wanted to drop a line thanking everyone working hard to provide these high quality maps.

I've tried my hand at the mapmaking process and was frustrated and stymied, so I know that a lot of work goes on for each one.  I was very pleased to see my state show up on RSS today after downloading some of my neighboring states, and I've been using the Ibycus road maps for some time now.

So again, Thank you!


Which state?

Glad you appreciate the work.  I'm uploading setup files right now for the ones I missed.   It'll take another 12hrs or so...
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The big one for me was MN.  I have no trouble without the setup files though, that is one thing I managed to figure out and get working for me.  I've got most of the upper Midwest downloaded and installed now.