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USGS Map For Garmin Rino 530

Started by jbeaumont21, September 23, 2011, 08:31:56 AM

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I am struggling to find any USGS maps that I can download onto my Garmin Rino 530.  Does anyone know of any maps available for download or how I can get a USGS map of Washington State onto my Rino?  I have downloaded and purchased several maps but none seem to have the same back road detail as the USGS map.  Another issue is that when trying to download a KMZ file of a USGS map I get an error saying that my Rino cannot upload custom maps.  I have tried surfing the web to see if there is a way to convert the KMZ to an IMG or some other type of file that the Rino will allow but I am not finding anything.  I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.



In order to do "graphical" maps on that Rino you'd have to follow a process like this:

That GPS can't do the KMZ maps.

With that said: Have you tried the Topo maps on this site for Washington?  Most of the road data comes from the census bureau.
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This map will work on your RINO:

Only the new RINO's that have just come out will do the Garmin Custom Maps.


I have tried all of the maps for Washington that here on GPSFile depot but none of them have the detail that I see on a USGS map.  I am talking about the old school double dash line logging roads/trails. I have attached a sample of a USGS map that I am talking about and looking for.  The Washington TOPO maps on this site do not offer the same detail.  I have tried purchasing some Garmin maps and a spendy map from HuntingGPSmaps and still haven't found what I am looking for.  I know that National Geographic has the type of USGS map I want but I am not able to load them onto my type of Rino.  Somone who has the knowledge and skills to create maps should make one like I am describing.  I would happily purchase it and I know several other hunters who would do the same.


The situation is that there is no publically available digital files for map authors to use which have this data (detail).  Unlike the situation is Canada, the US (USGS) has not digitized most of the 24k scale paper maps.  Census, the primary source of transportation data, is primarly interested in and funded to collect data on where people live and housing units - thus, no people, likely no data.    Some State highway and/or GIS offices have more detailed info, but this of course is limited to their State.  Try the NorthWest Trails overlay/transparent mapset.


dido for post #3! I would love to see usgs 1.24 like delorme has for the north Maine woods of that state with all the logging roads on there topo.
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USGS maps at 24k are available from Garmin or you can make your own as Garmin Custom Maps but you need to have one of the modern handhelds that can display them.

Quote from: jangeo67 on September 23, 2011, 03:09:14 PM
dido for post #3! I would love to see usgs 1.24 like delorme has for the north Maine woods of that state with all the logging roads on there topo.


Oz linked to one tutorial above, but this one  provides complete step by step instructions for making real USGS maps that will work on your Rino:

If you feel this is really beyond you, then I can only say what the others have: get a new GPS. With a Rino 650 this will be trivial:

Just purchase the Birdseye US Topo subscription and you will have full US and Canada coverage with unlimited downloads for $30 (these are scans of real USGS 24k topo maps):

If the Rino is too expensive, the Oregon 450 is a very popular unit and it has a $50 available through the end of Sep. This brought the price down to $200 at the REI Labor Day sale, but unfortunately that's over now.

If you already own the National Geographic state series maps, you might look for a good deal on a Magellan Triton. I think you can find these pretty cheap, and you can load the National Geo Topo's onto them. I have a Triton 1500 and this works fine.


Wow, yeah I think that is a little beyond my abilities.  I was hoping I could just pay someone else to do it for me lol.  As for the Rino, I just purchased it last spring without knowing they were coming out with a new model and without knowing that it doesn't allow customized maps  :-[.  My hunting season starts in a week which doesn't offer me much time to upgrade to the newer version, not to mention how much more it cost.  I guess I will just use the regular topo and cross reference the old fashion way with a paper USDS map.  Thanks for the info everyone.


I downloaded FL TOPO to the pc..  It shows correctly but I cannot put it on the GPS .  It does transfer the waypoints and tracks and routes but not maps.  That square is greyed out.

I am not computer illiterate but the tutorial is confusing to me since the pictures do no reflect what my GPS shows or the Trip and Waypoints manager.