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Started by golfmagician, March 20, 2009, 03:44:16 PM

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Can anybody help me please. I downloaded a Zip file of maps to go on the Garmin Oregon and unzipped them , putting them on Desktop as an IMG file.  I put in the micro SD card and a separate window opened  ' Removable Disk F '. I dropped the IMG file in  this , and it appeared to download into it okay. However , I cannot get the Oregen to recognise that there is even a mass storage device inside. Certainly it does not give me an option in the ssettings to use different maps. I am wondering if I have done anything wrong , or if the maps have failed to copy in correctly and therefore the Garmin has nothing to recognise ?  HELP !


Generally speaking, for the map to be available on the GPS you need to create a folder named Garmin in the root directory of the SD. The map file must be placed in that folder and be named gmapsupp.img.

But it also depends on what is in the zip file is that you have. For starters, create a garmin folder on the card, rename the file gmapsupp.img if it is named something else, move it to the folder, then see what happens.

Or if you prefer (and have enough free space) just name the file gmapsupp.img and drop it into the existing garmin folder on the Oregon's internal drive. BE CAREFUL not to remove an existing file of that name however or you will delete any supplemental map that is already in there!


 :) Thankyou Boyd.  Naming the folder Garmin in the card cured the problem.