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Author Topic: Lost my Colorado: Hunting for replacement 62 Series and elevation profile dwnlod  (Read 1904 times)


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I am completely bummed.  I did a dumb and dropped my Colrado after my MTB ride. The lost and found was probably not meant for GPS toys.  >:( The bad part is the loss.  The good , if there is any is that I am off to get a replacement. I still have my ETREX vintage 2004.  No way I can use that after using the Colorado's interface.    I am looking at the Garmin 62s maybe the T or C as well.  Here is what I am after.  Whether the 62  series will allow me to interface and download from the 62 the elevation profiles. I like to post the MTB trails as vertical elevations and miles.  Has anyone downloaded elev profiles from the Garmin software or web fro the 62.  Thanks!

Indrid Cold

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Sure it will, your tracks will have location and elevation recorded (as well as time).