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Maps Disappear

Started by Davo, September 12, 2011, 12:18:55 PM

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I download wi topo then downloaded a mytraills from the depot.  the wi topo was gone.  I have playing around with base map and map source to load tracks.  I still dont know how to place the my trails I downloaded over the wi topo and apparently Im missing something during transferring as well.  I retained my maps on the pc.  so an explanation of what Im missing in transferring to the oregon 450 and how to combine maps in non computer lingo


Neither MapSource nor BaseCamp will display more than one mapset at a time.
When either sends map data to the GPSr they name the file gmapsupp.img and this file will overwrite any file named gmapsupp.img already on the GPSr..  You can rename the gmapuspp.img file on the GPSr to somename.img (ie. witopo.img)  Then select data from a second (+) mapset, send it to the GPSr and rename it.  Repeat as needed.


so when I open up either one mapsource or base how do I and when do I rename a file. right now I have a wi topo and my trails which consists of waypoints I put on by punching coordinates from a usgs  arial map and a demo and city navigator.   also is my map suppose to be just white there is no shading?  I have roads and water and some contour lines