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2 basecamps and mapsource,too much of a good thing

Started by badmts, September 12, 2011, 08:33:34 PM

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I got in a hurry the other night and just started downloading stuff for Garmin and Oregon.Hey it was new and the programs seemed necessary ::).I started with basecamp but it had an initialazation error,so i downloaded map source and looked around online and  someone posted the same issue as me and someone wrote retry ,so i did-same result so i saw something about garmin traing center ,if you have low band width ,so i got that too ( i have cable modem i was jus looking for a way to get maps) .So how much of this is garbage and am i right in thinking with a new 450, basecamp is the one to use .It would not kill me to delete all of that junk and start over(NOT THE GPS just the stuff on the PC). Oh yeah,I did the .NET SOMETHING from MS and BASECAMP is working now.


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