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Supported GPS brand/model database?

Started by pollorey, September 26, 2011, 10:02:13 AM

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Question from someone new to this site...which GPS units are supported on this site?  I see an awful lot of Garmin mentioned here.  Is there any TomTom or other GPS' supported?

Is there a spreadsheet or is the list pretty small?!

How to get started?




Just about all the maps on this site are Garmin-only. Generally speaking, they will work on any Garmin model, but the style of the map display may vary between series (the nuvi automotive units don't have the same appearance as a handheld unit). Some the old garmin handheld models, and even a couple bottom of the line new models, have limited internal memory that cannot be expanded and this might be an issue with a few maps. There are also some Garmin handhelds that are not capable of displaying maps at all. The "custom map" format for raster imagery (.kmz files) will only work on recent Garmin handhelds.

I am not aware of any third party maps for TomTom. There are some free third party Magellan maps out there, but not on this site. But basically, this site is Garmin-only so a "spreadsheet" wouldn't have very many cells.  ;)


Magellan once contacted me about making/converting maps I was all for it and then they never came back with a software solution allowing us to create maps.  Same for tom-tom.  Also, since few of these maps are routable they're mainly for off-road hiking, biking, climbing, etc and tom-tom only makes road units I believe.
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