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Questions for a noob

Started by norcalstew, September 16, 2011, 08:58:42 AM

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I downloaded my first map, NV topo.  It saved it in my programs and the files are saved as disc image files, and the program selected to open these files is Windows Disc Image Burner.  When I click to open the file it wants me to burn to a disc.  What program do I use to open these?  I have mapsource (tried it) google earth (tried it). 

I went through the set up wizzard when I downloaded.  Did I miss something?  Thanks


Yes you did.  The files you downloaded are not disk images.  They are Garmin IMG files.
Sounds like you ran the installer without BaseCamp or MapSource installed.

Install BaseCamp or MapSource and then run the map installer.


Unfortunately the file extension .img is used for a variety of different things. See the tutorials that Seldom linked to. The bottom line is that you should NOT be messing with the .img files at all directly. They are data that is used by Garmin programs and not humans.  :)