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Nuvi Ground Cover.

Started by stevej2, May 29, 2013, 07:50:33 PM

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I'm wondering if there is away to disable the ground cover feature on the Nuvi GPS units? I use my Nuvi for off road travel and find it very difficult to see the roads on the display. I do know that I can disable it on my handheld units and am hoping to be able to do so the Nuvi. Thanks, Steve Johnson


What map are you using and what exactly do you mean by "groundcover"? Are you talking about shaded terrain? That feature is only available on "real" Garmin maps, such as the Garmin 100k and 24k topo products. None of the maps available for download at GPSFileDepot have this feature as there are no third party tools available to create it.

It cannot be disabled on the Nuvi. However gmaptool (do a google search) has an option to remove DEM (digital elevation model) data from a map file. DEM is what provides the shaded terrain in a Garmin map. This should only be done on a backup copy of the map file and not your original. Caveat Emptor, you could ruin your map.


I am using the Az topo from Gps File Depot as well as Southwest 24K and Topo 2008 from Garmin. I am talking about the green color that is displayed for forests, parks, golf courses etc.


There is no way to disable that on the Nuvi either. It would require modification of the map. In the past this site has had a policy of not allowing discussion of techniques to modify the work of other authors. So I would suggest that you contact the author of the map you're using and see if he will allow you to make such a change. From a technical standpoint, it would not be very difficult.

These forums are mainly for the support of maps from this site, so I'm reluctant to discuss what might be possible with a Garmin product. In fact, I thought twice before posting about removing DEM above.  ;)


Thanks for your quick reply. Steve