what's the difference in the 3 Mn topo maps?

Started by dmurwin, August 27, 2011, 06:04:04 PM

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Hello' I'm a new guy that needs help. I'm planning a BWCA trip next month I have an oregon 400t with the preloaded maps if I remember from last year it has some portages marked but no campsites.Should I just use the transparant  "BWCA campsite & portages" over the garmin basemap? Or is there a better way to go? what's the difference in the 3 MN maps "midwest topo/ minnesoto topo/northeast topo united states part 1of 3" ? I also have an astro that I may load with maps as a back up. Thanks for the help Dan


    The midwest and northeast topos are part of a set split on long and lat lines because of size restrictions.  Midwest says it goes west from -93, while northeast says it goes east from -92.  I can not say for sure, but I suspect the author meant east from -93.  The data is a few years old and a coarse grid was used to create the contour lines.
    My MN topo used the most recent source  data and the 'standard' grid spacing which is usually used for contouring.
    The BWCA C&P overlay mapset will display with the Gramin preloaded mapset or any of the others.  If I recall correctly, jbensman's My Trails .... also has good coverage of that area.


Yes My Trails has BWCA.  Someone about a month ago emailed me after using it and reportered

I just got back from the BWCA and your "Trails" were very handy.
We didn't get to a lot of portages and campsites this time but
your cords were excellent.  I used the Garmin 500 for navigating
instead of the paper maps and it worked wonderfully.  Even some
of the very experienced paddlers came to rely on me by the
end of the trip. 


Great help. Thank you very much I loaded "my trails" and I'm going to try loading " c&p" to a micro sd card and I'll try doing some comparing. Thanks again Dan