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New POI tool

Started by herofish, August 21, 2011, 08:37:25 PM

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I wanted to create a set of POI's representing active and closed mines (we like to rockhound).  I tried a number of utilities around to convert the data which can be had in a number of formats.  I didn't have good luck with any of the tools (like GPS visulizer, etc).

I decided to write an application to do the conversion myself.  It takes the data from the US Geologic Survey Mineral Resources Data System output in a csv format and converts the data to a 4 field csv format compatible with Garmins POILoader.  The fourth field can be a combination of the mines information like minerals, ore, host rock etc.

Anyway, if anyone else finds this useful please feel free to download it from my website:

P.S.  Its fast... Does over 300,000 rows in under 10 sec.
Have fun!