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Garmin RINO 120 Memory Limitations and IMG files size

Started by Chris__Colorado, March 05, 2009, 06:17:11 PM

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Hello everyone! ;D
I'm new to all this, and have stumbled to this website.  It looks like you are the right folks to answer my question.
I have a RINO 120 which is limited to a miserly 8MB of memory.
I have downloaded the CO Topographic map and installed it in Mapsource (THANK YOU for your Tutorials).
However, the "tiles" are too big  :( to be able to selectively choose the area's I will be going into.  ???

Is there a way to cut the tile or img files size in half or quarter so that there are 4 or 16 times as many tiles to choose from--allowing a better choice of smaller cells (better selection resolution) to fit the RINO? 

I gather I could go on an extensive education and trial session  ??? that would probably take me several weeks, if not months, but was hoping there was an easier way to do this than to have to create the IMG files from scratch?

Thank you

PS  There are lots of new terms and phrases I have to learn to understand this GPS and mapping stuff.  Thank you for your patience as I try to learn and figure this stuff out.

I think there are 112 img files for CO, so I'm looking to make this 448 or 1792 img/tiles to provide better granularity for loading into the RINO.


Currently your best bet would be to use the Ibycus USA maps for most of what you need and only load the topo segments where required. Most of the topo segments are under 2.5 mb and most of the Ibycus segments are under 2. You would still be quite limited by the system memory, but it would give you a bit more flexibility.


If you are refering to IndyJpr's Colorado Topo, an older version (2 years ago) used about 310 tiles/files/quads; from 600Kb to 2Mb in size.  He may still have a copy he could make available for you.  The typical small area of interest near the corner of 4 quads would be under your 8Mb size.