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WV "outlaw" trails

Started by CHEVYTECH, August 16, 2011, 04:06:04 PM

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I have been to WV a couple times and rode hatfield mccoy trails.  Does anyone know if you can legally ride the oulaw trails, without getting charged for trespassing or something?
The link for the map is:


Please post the link to the map.


Not terribly familiar with WV public lands, but you might try the Surface Management overlay map.  Of course, since both maps are transparent, the only way you could view them both is on your GPSr.


Sounds like you really have a question about laws and regulations in West Virginia, but these forum are focused on making and using maps. Maybe the map author will know - you can send him a PM.

Otherwise, I think you will need to research this on a site related to WV off-roading.


We ride the "Outlaw trails" all the time! If you plan to come to the area, let me know I live just East of most of them with some even right out my backdoor!!