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Red Pine Mapping

Started by Domarb, August 05, 2011, 10:21:34 AM

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Has anyone used the Red Pine Mapping maps - snowmobile trails and BWCA?  Am curious about your impression of their accuracy, are the maps routable, etc.



This is concerning:  no replies to my post three days ago... Am I to take it, then, that the Red Pine maps of Minnesota's BWCA have not been used by anyone? 


Sorry you're left trying to prove a negative, but it looks that way.


Don't know about Red Pines but I just got an email about My Trails coverage of BWCA:

Morning Jim,

I just got back from the BWCA and your "Trails" were very handy.
We didn't get to a lot of portages and campsites this time but
your cords were excellent.  I used the Garmin 500 for navigating
instead of the paper maps and it worked wonderfully.  Even some
of the very experienced paddlers came to rely on me by the
end of the trip.  Wish I could have checked more spots but
some issues forced us out early.  Thanks for your help. 


Thanks - would that be the  "My Trails-High Quality Trail and POI Maps"?  Any idea how your maps compare to Eskimopi's BWCA maps?  Not trying to start a squabble here (I'm new), but I am trying to figure out the pros and cons of various options.