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GPSMAP 62s route presentation

Started by Monstel, August 13, 2011, 06:37:19 AM

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Hi there,
About a year ago I bought a GPSMAP62s, great device although the supplied documentation is rather poor, as a result it took me some time to really understand all available functionality.

I loaded a city navigator map and use it for car-navigation. From the beginning the typical presentation of the route was 2-dimensional. But after some fiddling with the settings of the GPSMAP62s it suddenly appeared to give some type of 3-dimensional presentation of the route to follow which I preferred very much over the 2-d routes.

After some more fiddling and testing the device now suddenly uses the 2-d presentation for routes again. I believe I checked about all associated functions (selected profile, map-settings, etc) but cannot manage to bring back the 3d-presentation again. I thought the 3d presentation was linked to the AUTO-profile but I appear to be wrong here.
Can anyone describe how to get back to the 3-d presentation?

Many thanks!


Never used a 62s, but guessing it will be somewhat similar to the Oregon. Profiles are just a way to remember a bunch of menu settings. If you somehow changed one of them, then the profile will no longer be the same.

Go to your Map Setup menu and look for an item named Map Orientation (or something similar). There should be an option there for Automotive Mode and that will probably do what you want. If you select the Automotive profile before doing this, then the setting should be remembered for the future.


Dear Boyd,

Many thanks for your help, your advice fixed the issue. Main reason for missing this setting as potential to enable 3d presentation is my intuitive translation of the setting AUTO. I translated this into AUTOmatic instead of AUTOmotive. Not the best chosen word by Garmin!

Great forum, thanks again!



Happy to help. Does it really just say "Auto" on your 62s? That's interesting. On the Oregon it actually says "Automotive Mode". My Montana is exactly the same. I would agree that simply calling it "Auto" is confusing - especially for somebody who isn't already familiar with Garmin's menu structure.



It does read AUTO on several menus!



Especially when Auto also refers to a method of processing tracklog samples.