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Downloaded Maps on Garmin Rino 530 HCx

Started by Biggs300, August 08, 2011, 06:18:45 PM

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A newby with a couple of questions.  I have a new 530 HCx (w/4GB PNY Mirco SD Hd Card) and use an IMac.  I've installed the recommended Garmin software (BaseCamp, RoadTrip, MapManager, and MapInstall).  Recently, I downloaded the GPSFileDepot 2011 Colorado topo map which I can access using BaseCamp.  Great map by the way!  I then downloaded the map to my 530 HCx, a process that took nearly an hour and appeared successful.  However, he only map I see on the Garmin is the map that came preinstalled on the unit.  How do I access the new map on the 530 to insure that the map installed correctly and is useable?  Does the fact that I live in OK have any bearing on not being able to see the CO map.  (Probably a stupid question, but again I'm a newby)  I've been through the manual and can't see where this is addressed.  Any help with be much appreciated as my hunting buddies are also awaiting an answer.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Did you pan over to an area in Colorado that you uploaded to the GPSr?
While MapSource and BaseCamp generally centers the mapset you are viewing, the GPSr uses you current position.
Zooming-in to about the 800ft zoom display level will show the full detail of the mapset.