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Mapsource update problem

Started by pcmasten, February 27, 2009, 06:49:29 PM

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I just downloaded the latest garmin update for mapsource. It appeared to install correctly. Now, when I try tor run mapsource, I get an error:

There is a problem with the product 580 installation. Please re-install product 580 and start mapsource again"

I originally used the trip and waypoint manager that came with the etrx vista. If I try to re-install this disk (ver5.00), it will load in the manaual then prompt to start mapsource (then I get the error again).

Any help would be  appreciated.



What custom maps did you/do you have installed.  Something with the product id 580 is crashing it.
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Thanks for that bit of info. I un-installed mapsource, moved all maps to another drive, cleaned the registry, then re-installed everything. I started with the trip and waypoint manager from Garmin, then installed the garmin update (from ver 6.13 to ver 6.15), then re-installed the maps.

Everything is working fine. Thx for the help.