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Minnesota BWCA Maps - what am I doing wrong?

Started by Domarb, August 05, 2011, 05:46:42 AM

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I just downloaded the BWCA maps, but when I open them in Mapsource (Garmin 60CSX), all I see are small green squares which have labels (showing when I roll the mouse over them).  I have the MN topo map loaded as well..........

I'm new to all this, so this is likely an error on my part, but any advice would be appreciated.



Looks like that is just a set of POI's - points on the map - which must be used along with another map. Since I haven't downloaded, I'm not sure how it was created. If it's a map (instead of a POI collection), then it probably has a transparent background and must be used along with another map that contains other geographic features (like the screenshots the author posted).

Transparent maps are not very useful in Mapsource. Mapsource, and other computer software, can only show one map at a time. Send this map along with another Minnesota map to you 60csx together, then make sure both are enabled on the GPS. You should then see something like the screenshots that are posted.


Thanks - the BWCA map is the one available on this site.  I attempted to "load" it in after first opening the Minn topo map from this site.  Clearly I'm doing something wrong.  Have a new 60CSX on order, but it's not here yet, so I'm stuck with Mapsource at the moment.  Will try your suggestion after I get the unit.


Yes, I looked at the page for that map, but didn't download it. Like I said, transparent maps like this only are useful on the GPS itself, where you can look at it together with another map. There is no way to do this on your computer, only on the GPS itself.


Thank you..........Will respond more intelligently (presumably) after I have the GPS unit in hand.

This is a great website - I appreciate everyone's contributions.  I'll be sure to kick in a few $$ as soon as I can confirm that I can get the maps and my GPS to work together.


FYI, My Trails has everything the BWCA map has plus thousands more trails and PPOIs in the state.  For BWCA, it has all the campsites and all the portages (Trailheads and trails)