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Track on Garmin GPSmap 62s

Started by Gsdtracker, August 03, 2011, 06:03:07 PM

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I have an annoying problem which I hope is easy to fix - by somebody who knows how!

Wishing to verify how accurate my tracking dog tracks a line that has been laid down - I wish to use the GPSmap 62s.

Having loaded a relevant aerial photo, I proceed from my house (with unit turned off), walk approx 200 metres to the position where I wish to start to lay the track.

Turn on the unit, lay track (500 metres approx) - name track and save on unit.

Here is the issue. A "track line" is showing from the home to the start of the track has been added on to the track. Also, even though I had turned the unit off at the end of the track (after saving it) - the track also shows a direct line from end of track position to the house!

How do I stop these "extra" beginning and end sections being present?

Any advice is most welcome



Assuming it's like my Oregon and Montana.... first, disable tracking in the setup menu (do not record). Then use the track manager to clear the current track. Now when you get to the spot where you want to begin, turn tracking back on (record, show on map). When finished, save the track and turn tracking off again (do not record).

If you didn't do that, you would have a line from the last location to the new location when you turn the unit on. But I don't understand the line at the end of the track. Once you have saved the track, I wouldn't expect it to change.


I just tested on my OR300, and it works fine;  I did NOT get a line from the last track point to the house.  Follow Boyd's instructions and try it again.   If it still does not work, there may be some software issue; you may want to check for a new version on the Garmin website - do not do this before a 3 day weekend or end of month as they quite regularly put out buggy software updates then.  If still a problem, check the Garmin forums and/or contact their tech support.


Sorry not to have replied before now!
Many thanks for the advice - will give it  a try, sounds totally logical.
Let you know the result.


maps4gps and Boyd,

Totally grateful for your advice.

The problematic lines do not appear  - success.
Thank you

Jerry GPS

I also had this issue and appreciate the advice.
Followup question: When tracking is turned on, even if the unit is turned off, does it still keep tracking? If not, why does it create the extra track to the point where one wants to start a track?


If the device is turned off, then it is off and doesn't do anything.  :)

Jerry GPS

But... what causes a track line to appear from my home to where I actually start a track, even when I only turn on the GPS when I arrive at the start of the track?


Try clearing the track log when you get to the location of the start of the new track and the GPSr show that you are there.
It may be recording the previous location (home) before it realizes it is now at a new location.

Try saving the track at the end location of the track.  Saving the track when I get home also adds a straight line from when I turned off my GPSr to my home location.

I do not use tracks often; however, I think you can delete unwanted track points in both MapSource and BaseCamp. 

Jerry GPS

So, it seems as though the GPSr is turned on at home and begins recording a track. Then, it is turned off and turned back on when I arrive at the beginning of my track; but, because the track was not cleared, the GPSr thinks that I am continuing the same track it started when it was on at home, and creates a track line from home to the beginning of my actual track. Does this make sense. It would explain where that extra track line is coming from.


That is how is appears to me to work on my OR300.

FYI  Some things work differently depending on which Garmin GPSr model and version of that
model's software is being used. 

Jerry GPS