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Topo Maps on Nuvi 295W

Started by dpeters21, July 21, 2011, 03:46:21 PM

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I have a Garmin Nuvi 295W and I would like to put some topo maps on it.  I believe I have the software downloaded correctly, I select the regions of interest and I download it to the 295W.  I can even see it in memory when I read it as a virtual drive.

What I can't seem to find is where to select the map.  I believe it's possible, but I am missing something.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


On the other nuvi's there are two different methods of doing this. The "classic" would be to push menu > tools > settings > map > map info and you would see a list of all maps installed.

The newer models would be menu > tools > settings > my maps, where you would also get the list. Also note that on the new models the map file (gmapsupp.img) must be in the \Map folder. On old models it needed to be in the \Garmin folder. That no longer works on the new models.

Never saw a 295w (nuviphone without the phone  ;D) so I don't know what the menu or file structure is like, sorry.


Thank you for the reply.

That's the problem is that I can't find the my maps or anything to change maps.  The 295W has a settings selection and tools selection.  Tools contains Where Am I?, Calc, Clock, and things like that.  Settings has System, Audio, Navigation, Apps, and Display.  I've gone into each but can't find something to change the map.

I'll try putting it in the correct directory and maybe then I'll get the choice.

Thanks again.


Hmm. Is there a "My Data" item under tools? That's where they put the Maps menu in Mobile PC. Also, sometimes there's a down-arrow that needs to be clicked to see additional menu items that don't fit on the screen.

I'm sure there's a map info menu item there somewhere. Did you read through the manual?


That was it.  I had read the manual before but could never find map info.  So after you go to Settings/Navigation/ you have to press the more info icon under the go back icon on the right side of the screen.  The top choice of that menu is map info and then you select the map that you want.  I've been looking for that for 6 months.

Thanks for your help I truly appreciate it.  The topo map was already there so I'm all set.


Great, glad that it worked.  :)