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Can't see any Map details on Garmin GPSMAP 78

Started by Tedsokol27, July 12, 2011, 04:11:30 PM

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This is my first handheld GPS. I found a very detailed map here of PA and Followed the loading instructions found on this site. It went like clockwork. I found the segments I wanted to upload, selected them and transferred them to the GPSMAP 78. Files were transferred successfully. The map shows up on the Garmin but I don't see half the details I see in Mapsource or Basecamp. All I see are some rails to trails, bodies of water, county lines and streams. In Mapsource I see roads, streets, elevations etc. Am I missing something? I have tried to upload maps using both...Mapsource and Basecamp and I get the same results. I have set the 78 map setup > advanced map setup > detail to MOST and I still don't see any more details. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks.


Detail set to 'normal' should work fine. 
Do you have a profile set to other than 'recreational'?
Are you zoomed-in to 800' or so on the display?


Well, you out did Garmin's support! They couldn't help me. My profile was set to Geocaching and changing it to recreational brought in all the detail I expected the first time I uploaded a map. I spent several hours trying to figure this one out and you solved it in less than a minute. Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it.


Glade to help. 
Some of these new 'features' are causing many users problems; especially with the minimal documentation Garmin provides.


Had a similar problem on both my OR 300 and my 62S.  Detail set to Most, Profile set to Recreational.
Streams on Desert Southwest didn't show up, but they looked fine in MS/BaseCamp.  On the OR streams showed up when I set the profile to Hiking.  On the 62S I had to create a new Hiking profile, and the streams showed up then.

Anybody here know how this Profile thing is supposed to work?  Like what the Default settings are for a new profile?  The 62s Manual wasn't much help.