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Garmin 62 Not Recognizing mm_plss Map Set

Started by johnnyslickster, July 10, 2011, 06:14:49 AM

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As discussed on another thread, the Garmin 62 does not allow you to selectively enable and disable maps that are part of the same map set (that is, sent to the unit via Basecamp as one img file).  Instead, it only allows you to enable and disable different img files.  So, to be able to switch map products, each map has to be uploaded independently as its own img.

I tried to do this (more than once) with the mm_plss map, so that I could turn it on and off independently of topo maps.  I selected and sent the map via Basecamp,  and a gmapsupp.img file was created on the GPS in the Garmin folder.  However, it doesn't show up in the list of available maps in the Select Map menu.  All my other maps that are saved in other img files do show up though.

I wonder if this is related to the mm_plss using a custom type for transparent polygons?


MapSource and BaseCamp send a mapset to the GPSr using the name gmapsupp.img.
You need to change this to another name with a .img extension; otherwise the next time you send a  mapset to the GPSr it will replace an existing gmapsupp.img file.
Works fine on my OR300. 
FWIW there have been numerous posts on varrious issues with the 62 on other boards - perhaps this is another oddity with the 62.


I figured it out- the problem is that I already had another img loaded to the device that had the plss map as part of the map set (I had it combined with a topo map- my first download to the 62).  Apparently this caused a conflict.  When I deleted the other img file, the img that was only the plss map showed up normally in the menu list on the GPS and also displayed OK.

By the way, thanks very much for creating the plss map.  I work for land conservation group, and having section lines and labels is very useful.


I've had that problem on my OR.  The unit will only recognize the 8 digit mapID of the first loaded map.
In my case I had two very different maps that I had assigned the same mapID.  After I deleted the mapset containing the first map, the second map showed up fine.