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World topo eastern

Started by TiagoLacerda, June 30, 2011, 12:47:12 AM

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TiagoLacerda : Error E017: Cannot parse coordinates.

the line 159231 is this


can you help me?

Thank you


What are you trying to do with it?
I thought both the PC and MAC versions are self installing.


I'm traing to install the map in the MapSoucer. To use it in te GARMIN nĂ¼vi.


If it is my world topo - eastern; just run/execute the .exe file which was downloaded. 
Also see this tutorial:
I am uncertain as to why you are processing a .mp file. 


I'm istalled the .exe. Wich file I'm need to open with the MapSoucer?


I think it was World Topo eastern.  You should see it in a list of mapsets installed (if you have others) similiar to the picture between steps 2 and 3 in the above referenced tutorial.  MapSource needs to be started/restarted after a mapset was installed (running the .exe file) so it can see the mapset.


Thank you, now it works. But just too know, it's the topograf mapa, it  isn't contain the strrep map yaeh?


Glade you got it to work.

It would have been nice to know which map we were trying to fix.   I think we were lucky to get it to work knowing nothing about it.  Since it was not hosted here, you should have first contact them.