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Author Topic: Help with Installing on a MAC  (Read 2430 times)

Cooter Brown

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Help with Installing on a MAC
« on: June 23, 2011, 09:59:39 AM »
I recently found the site and appreciate all the work folks have in putting this together.  There's some great stuff here.

I've had a 60cs for a while, and have been using the Mapsource 3 cd set and a PC and to load maps onto it.

I recently got an Astro 220 and ran the conversion at the Garmin site so that I could use the Mapsource CDs on the Mac.  I put the converted maps on a flash drive and loaded them onto the Mac, and was able to load them onto the Astro, which uses a micro SD card.

I put the Astro into Mass Storage Mode and was able to get most of the East maps onto the card--I guess you're limited to 2025 segments.

I downloaded the SE Topo from John M here, which is much more detailed than the Garmin maps.  I have not been able to load it onto the card.  The card I have is not a Garmin card, but I did load the Garmin east maps onto it.  When I try to download  John M's SE Topo maps, it goes through the routine (which takes a while), and when it is done the SE map is not there, but the Garmin maps I loaded still are.  This was a new card when I put the Garmin maps on it.

I thought that the new maps would overwrite the ones that were on there, but it is not.

I did with the Astro in Mass Storage Mode and then tried it directly onto a card reader and got the same results.  It's a 4 gig card which is plenty big enough, and there are only 400 something segments on the map.

I used Basecamp and Mapinstall to load the maps.

I went through the tutorial here and looked through the forum, and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  I did the same procedure when I loaded the converted Garmin maps and it worked fine, but when I do it with the SE Topo map it does not work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!