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Mapsource, Zumo 550 and a Rino120

Started by WF_jester, May 27, 2011, 09:46:33 AM

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I currently use mapsource with my Zumo 550. However I am wanting to download some tracks off of my rino120 using mapsource to use on google earth and in mapsource. Can I do this not sure about the licensing with mapsource and 2 GPS units? Is there any other way to get the tracks off the rino?


You don't need a license for Mapsource, it's free. But Mapsource is just the program itself, not the map. If you have purchased City Navigator maps, they will be locked to the first gps you install them on. The pre-installed map from the Zumo cannot be transferred to your Rino. You can use the map on your computer, but it won't work if you transfer it to a second gps.

None of this should affect your ability to send and receive tracks from as many gps'es as you want however. Tracks are independent of the map and are part of your user data. Just connect the Rino and choose Transfer > Receive from Device > Tracks. You can then save them to either a .gdb or .gpx file with Mapsource.