Missing detail of California Topo section 37085272

Started by baredj, May 27, 2011, 12:57:42 PM

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 I have created a track and waypoint route along the John Muir Trail. I have found that the trail runs through section 37085272 of the California Topo map. There appears to be less topo contour and elevation detail in that section than the surrounding sections. Is it just my downloaded file? Can someone confirm?


I have not used that map myself, but there have been a number of posts about anomalies and evidently the author is no longer around here. Hopefully somebody with more info will post here, but I think the bottom line is that this map has some issues...


OK. I'm a 2-day beginner to the whole GPS world.I have a Garmin Dakota 20 which only works with BaseCamp. The CA topo map I downloaded from GPS File Depot installed properly, and the map name appears on the drop down in BaseCamp. But there is nothing but main highways and an array of diamond shaped black dots on the display. What am I missing?


Sounds like you may not have any of CA in the display area.
You may need to click on the CA map name in the drop down to make it active in the main viewing window.  Yesterday was my first experience with it and I do not remember too much about the display since I was looking for how to load a mapset to the GSPr - the roads may be the only items in the overview map (for reference when zoomed-out).  MapSource, like the GPSrs, will show increasing detail as one zooms-in and I would expect BC to do the same but do not remember seeing a numeric zoom display 'scale' in either BC nor MapInstall - most mapsets are designed to display the actual data beginning at the 2 or 3 miles zoom disolay level with the full detail dislayed at the 500 - 0.2 mile level.


Also select the recreational profile on your Dakota. That can affect the display of map detail as well.