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Help getting map from Nuvi 5000 into MapSource

Started by Rex, February 17, 2009, 12:19:32 PM

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Hi All ... I am new and don't know much!

I just got a Nuvi 5000 and I have MapSource.  I want to be able to plan a trip from home to Florida and use the Nuvi in the car. 

The unit does not have a battery so I want to plan the trip on my computer and then send the tip to the Nuvi 5000.

How can I get the city map out of the Nuvi 5000 and into my computer for MapSource. 

Thanks for a step by step lesson for dummies


I also have a Nuvi 5000. Here's how to get the map onto your computer.... but you aren't going to like this  ;)

1. Buy the City Navigator DVD
2. Load it onto your computer

Unfortunately, the map stored on the Nuvi (this applies to all of the Nuvi line) cannot be copied to the computer in the correct form to use in mapsource. If this is important to you, call (do not e-mail) Garmin support and tell them what you want to do, and that you are surprised and disappointed you can't just copy the map to your computer.

People report varying results from this, depending on how nice you are and the luck of the draw. They may offer to send you the DVD for $15 to cover shipping/handling. Some people have actually gotten it for free. Others have gotten nowhere and had to buy at full retail.

One other possibility. If you just got this unit, you may be eligible for a free map update when you register it at If so, be sure that Mapsource is installed on your computer first. Then download the free update. When you finish the process, the City Navigator maps will be automatically installed in Mapsource. I did this myself and was pleasantly surprised because I didn't expect it.


There is also a browser plug-in called Communicator which lets you do route planning with Mapquest. I have never used this, but others report it works well:


You could also go to and see if your new unit is eligible for one of the 60 day upgrades.

If it is, follow these directions to get and install mapsource; then download the update and it'll appear in mapsource; if you're not eligible for one of the free updates in the first 60 days... well; then to use Mapsource to plot the trip you'd have to buy City Navigator which is honestly a bit silly.
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THANKS all ... this is very helpful.

I was afraid I would have to buy the DVD.  I don't think I can get an update because the unit is new.  Is there a way to gain access to the update anyway?  Buying the DVD seems a little unfair.

Thanks again,


It should be here tomorrow and I will try that for sure ... it already has the 2009 map so they said I could not get an update???

Any way to find that download link or is it by serial number or something?


I had to call Garmin to get the map update for 2009.1.  When I downloaded it to the computer it installed the new map into the Nuvi 5000 AND into MapSource!

Garmin had finally agreed to sell me the disk for $15 but I don't need it now since this solved my issues.  Thanks for the tips.


If that doesn't work for you you can download GoogleEarth v5.xx and plan your trip there. Export the waypoints for your trip, and send them to your GPS. It has the same NavTeq road data as a nĂ¼vi 5000

I don't think so, unless something has changed recently. Google formerly had Navteq data but switched to Teleatlas recently: