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Deleting maps from 60csx

Started by wingpeople, February 14, 2009, 08:16:02 AM

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Is it possible to delete a map from the 60csx which was downloaded from MapSource?

Great site!


Well, that certainly is possible. The next time you download another map to the unit from mapsource, it will overwrite the existing one.

If you installed a micro SD card in your unit and installed the map on that, then it is pretty simple. Connect your GPS to your computer, switch on your GPS and and then navigate to the page called "Main Menu" (basically just press Quit button until you reach this page), select "Setup", then select Interface. Then navigate down to "USB Mass Storage." and select that (by pressing the ENTR key). This should bring up a window on your computer which will show you GPS's memory card as a USB drive. You can then go ahead and delete the gmapsupp.img. Alternately, if you don't want to delete the map, but just transfer another map, instead of deleting, just have mapsource transfer another map to the device and it will overwrite the gmapsupp.img anyways.

I guess the standard of "the advice is provided without any guarantees and warranties" and if you end up destroying your unit  I take no responsibility goes without saying.

For your reference, the manual to 60csx is provided here by Garmin:


Thanks.   I'll give your advice a try.


I see the instructions listed and they sound simple enough. However under interface, I do not have the option of Mass Storage to get to my Micro SD card. Any idea what I might be doing wrong (Garmin MAPGPS 60csx).


The following button presses get you to Mass Storage Mode.
Menu|Menu|Setup|Interface|USB Mass Storage.

Another tip:
Map transfer goes a lot faster if you use a USB 2.0 Card reader instead of the 60CSX.  You can transfer CNNANT in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours.


I am able to get to the page. but the USB MASS STORAGE button does not appear. It shows it is connect via USB. I have rebooted the computer, the GPS, attached to different physical USB ports, loaded the drivers and used different MICRO SD cards that I have and different cables. I'm running Win/XP SP3. I can load maps to the unit. I just want to be able to delete maps I no longer need for the sake of storage space. I cannot format the Micro SD card with the garmin software either.


Why the Mass Storage option is not there sounds like an issue for Garmin tech support.

Be aware that you simply do not delete maps.  The unit uses a single gmapsupp.img file to hold all the mapsets.  The only way to add or remove a mapset or quad(s) from a mapset is to rebuild the gmapsupp.img file in MapSource, etc. 


Thanks. I get it now.
I will contact garmin support for the button issue.
Appreciate the help.


IZJIM, are you sure you have a SD card installed?


It sure seems like I don't. However I can load maps to it. Good question. It's always a simple answer somewhere. Garmin is having me update software and do a forced reset. Not sure that will do it but I'll try. Thanks


open battery compartment, remove batteries and the card shpould be right there. If it is there try removing and resetting it.


Thanks. I have even changed micro sd cards I had at home. I know it's there and I can write maps to it.


Ref. maps and deleting same, it is not always necessary to overwrite the existing map file. If you have a mapset installed that you wish to keep but install another, just change the name of the existing mapset but leave it installed on the card. You can now download a new gmapsupp.img file. this of course supposes you have ample room on the card. At any time you can go back and change names. This requires less time than reinstalling complete new mapsets.


If garmin has not yet got back to you_ Hard reset on 60GPSr push and hold at the same time
quit-menu-out-page hold all 4 buttons for 15 seconds



Thanks for all of your help. I'll post how it goes