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Confused about Maps DAKOTA20

Started by Yenalom, April 27, 2011, 06:05:57 AM

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Thanks for all the previous help on this forum.

I am confused about how maps are loaded and named on the DAKOTA 20 I have.

I created and loaded to the /GARMIN/CUSTOMMAPS folder two GARMIN CUSTOM MAPS I created:

I also downloaded, created, installed and renamed several maps from the GPSDEPOT site. These maps were loaded to the GARMIN folder on the microSD card. The maps were:
   -NY METRO TOPO.IMG, created from the NYTOPO file downloaded from GPSDEPOT as   
   -CATSKILLS.IMG, also created from the NY TOPO file as GMAPSUPP and renamed.
   _NEW JERSEY TOPO.IMG  created from the  NJ  TOPO file downloaded from GPSDEPOT . Again

When I look at SETUP>MAP>Map Information, I see:
   -The two Custom Maps
   -A map called "mti_ny", subtitled "worldwide Autoroute Basemap"
   -A map called "Hxus039r" subtiled "HXUS039r"-US g2 v12". This map appears 3 times
   -A map called "WORLDWIDE BASE MAP,NR". I presume this ios the map that came  with the unit.

I do not see the CATSKILLS map nor the NY METRO TOPO map.

I am guessing that I did something wrong and the NEW JERSEY TOPO map somehow overwrote the       
2 previous maps.

All help is appreciated.

Bob M



You completely lost me about halfway through.  ;D

But I can tell you that the names you give to the map FILES (such as NY METRO TOPO.IMG) have nothing to do with the map name displayed on the GPS. That name is assigned by the map author and  embedded in the file.

The other thing is that you should be careful with filenames on Garmin, especially for custom (.kmz) maps. I suggest only using numbers and letters with no whitespace and no special characters.

The worldwide autoroute basemap is the rough map of the world that was provided with the GPS. It should be in a file named gmapbmap.img and you should leave it alone.

Also, the GPS may group more than one map together if they share the same internal code (FID).


Since both your NY metro and Catskill gmapsupp.img files were created from the same 'primary' mapset, the software on the GPSr does not recognize them as seperate maps.  The mti_ny was the file naming convention I was using at that time.  The subtitle defaults defaults to the names of a few quads/segments; why it went to worldwide ...  ??? , but you probably changed it to that without intending to do so.   
HXUS039r"-US g2 v12 could be a Garmin file that came with the unit.  Suggest you call Garmin about why it is list 3 times and what it's purpose is - could be some type of system file you do not want to delete.
I do not see a reason to make seperate files for portions of the NY topo.  It will work fine with the metro and Catskill quads/segments in one file and as you have seen the GPSr software was not designed to allow that.  Anyone know if this is true for Garmin's multi State DVDs ? 


Actually, the Hxus039r is a bluechart g2 map product. Did you install this on your GPS yourself? I thought it was a pre-loaded data card in fact. I also believe it is one of the maps that Garmin recalled due to errors (was recently discussed on another forum and I recognized the HXU product code from there).

See this:


Thanks for the replies.

I am sorry for confusing you.

Regarding the Bluechart maps, I bought this unit on e-bay and those maps were probably loaded on the unit by the previous unit. He did send me the BLUECHART disc with the unit.

Regarding the NY TOPO, I will delete the CATSKILL and NYC METRO TOPO maps and then reinstall either all of New York below the Mohawk Valley or maybe the whole state.

Does this make sense?

Bob M


Transfer whatever part of NY you have a need to use (or the entire State).
What you install does not need to be continous. Selecting the quds in the NY metro area, then selecting those in the Catskills, then sending to the GPSr will work fine. 


Quote from: Yenalom on April 27, 2011, 06:05:57 AM
When I look at SETUP>MAP>Map Information, I see:
   -A map called "Hxus039r" subtiled "HXUS039r"-US g2 v12". This map appears 3 times

When the g2 Blue Charts are put on handhelds, besides the Oregon 400c, it is normal to see "Garmin G-Map" listed on the Map Information page 3 times.  In your case it sounds like a single tile was transferred instead of the entire mapset.  All 3 need to be enabled/disabled at the same time and it will work perfectly fine.


Once more thanks for the help and advice.

I went ahead and deleted the "Catskill" file and the "NYC METRO" file. I then uploaded the total NYC TOPO file downloaded from here. I then changed the name of the GMAPSUPP.IMG to NEW YORK TOPO.img.

The results are that I have only the New Jersey Topo and the New York Topo (named mti_ny on the GPSr) on the GPS as well as the GARMIN CUSTOM MAPS and the worldwide base map.

Somehow I managed to get rid of the BLUE CHART maps.

Everything looks OK.

Bob M