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Adding topo trail maps to Oregon 450

Started by rocks911, April 21, 2011, 08:15:11 AM

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I'm going to southeast Oklahoma in a couple of weeks, the Beavers Bend area and want to hit some trails but not real clear on just how to get trail maps onto my Garmin 450.

Any help would be appreciated.


What form are the trail maps you alread have in?  Raster, vector files, .gpx files???


Currently I have no trail maps in the Garmin.

I loaded City Navigator onto the Garmin about a year ago and also loaded some geocache maps but that is all I've done. Unfortunately I dont play with this thing near enogh to know my way around.
I figure I should use the thing for what it was designed for but just getting the trail maps onto the thing seems like magic to me.
I also added a 1Gig card at the time I purchased it and the majority of the storage capacity is untouched.

The answer to your question, apparently I have GPX files. I have them on the Garmin (H drive on my computer) and GPX files on my memory card (D drive on my computer)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I really have tried to follow the tutorial but seem hopelessly lost. Is there maybe a Youtube video explaining the process for those of us too dense to follow the tutorial?


I guess I'm becoming too old to pick up new technology because this seems more difficult than I think it should be.

I downloaded and installed an Oklahoma topo map. I opened Mapsource and in the upper left corner I selected the map from the dropdown menu which shows all maps I have on the PC.

I select Oklahoma topo and it appears in the right pane of Mapsource. I click on send to device and a message appears: To transfer data to your device select maps or create waypoints....
Apparently the left pane is where that information is supposed to be, I dont know. How do I do this?



My bad!
I actually followed the tutorial and got it working.
I apologize that I didnt work through the tutorial, I was having problems but got it figured out.

I am still looking for a good trail map for the Beavers Bend area of Oklahoma, and maybe none exist but if anybody knows of one I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for tolerating me.


You need to select some or all of the quads/segments you want to send to the GPSr.  A list of what was selected will appear in the window on the left - with a total of how many selected and the total file size.  Also be sure to have the maps box checked in what you want to send.


Can you find a PDF of a trail map or a hardcopy paper map of the trails you want? If so, you could make a Custom Map (.kmz file). There are some special tools for this, but Garmin's tutorial shows how to make a simple map using Google Earth: