Recorded track on 60Cx wrongly jumps to parallel road

Started by lou_boumian, April 23, 2011, 06:42:53 PM

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Never noticed that before:

I recorded a track (attached) this morning with my Garmin 60Cx (latest firmware) while I was riding my bike along a small winding road (A) parallel to another one (B), more straight.

Bile Speed: 10-15 miles/h (15-22 km/h).
Record Method: Auto;
Interval: Most Often;

The recorded track shows long sections where I am supposedly on (B), on the way in and on the way out, which never happened. Those wrong sections show up where the 2 roads are typically less than 100 m apart. This is apparent both on Google Earth and with Map Source.

Is that a common issue with this unit? Is there a way to correct this problem? Thanks for any suggestion...

Indrid Cold

It looks like you had the "lock to road" turned on the unit. Those 115km/h speeds are impressive:)


Fixed. I had looked into the Tracking parameters several times... I understand now that it's a more basic positioning parameter but would have never thought of looking into the map set up. Thank for taking the time to answer a novice's question!
I would have preferred 110 km/h on my 10 speed though!